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Your child’s future is our passion!

Your child’s future is our passion!

Seasonal Classes

Tutu Cute Combo 1 or 2

A fun, upbeat class for our youngest dancers. Dancers are encouraged to creatively explore dance as they are introduced to ballet movements, tap rhythmic skills, and song and dance, to emphasize the growth of motor skills and coordination. Dancers will perform a tap song and dance in the annual recital. Combo 1 is designed for children who are 2.5 to 4 years old that are new to dance. Combo 2 is designed for 4 year olds that have previous experience.

Kinder Combo 3

A fun, upbeat class for our 5 year old dancers that are entering Kindergarten. Dancers will further explore the core subjects of dance, which consist of Ballet, Tap and Jazz. Development of rhythm, movement, and coordination are emphasized. Dancers will perform a jazz dance in the annual recital.

Superstar Split

A 1.25 hour class for dancers ages 6 and 7 to continue the training from the combo classes. Dancers will explore and focus on ballet, tap, and jazz. In split, the dancers will perform two dances in the annual recital, one ballet and one tap. One changeable costume is used for both pieces.

Ages 7 and up

The following classes are recommended for students who have taken combo/split classes and are ready for the step up to full subject classes. At this age, the students have a better understanding of all subjects and can decide which classes they would like to start focusing on. It is recommended that all students enroll in one ballet class per week.


The classical foundation of all dance styles that emphasizes the proper technique necessary to become a strong successful dancer. Class focuses on technique, proper alignment, flexibility, grace, strength, coordination, and performance quality.


Pointe is available to advanced Ballet students by teacher recommendation.


Jazz is an upbeat class comprised of sharp and fluid movements that follow classic and current trends. The class focuses on leaps, turns, isolations, stretching, and style.


Tap is a rhythmic audible dance form. Tap class develops a sense of rhythm, beat, coordination and motor skills.


Acro is a combination of dance and tumbling that is available to students ages 5 and up. The class includes flexibility, strength, and skill training.


Contemporary/Lyrical/Modern dancers learn to tell a story or convey a message through expression and movement. It blends jazz and ballet technique creating a fluid and controlled dance style. The class is available to intermediate dancers and above that are enrolled in ballet.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is available for dancers ages 7 and up. Hip Hop is a fun and energetic, freestyle form of dance that incorporates age appropriate dance trends, jazz technique, and fun current music.

Theatre Dance

Students will learn to use their body not only as a dancer, but as an instrument and actor. Look forward to acting exercises, voice lessons in a group setting, exposure to multiple dance styles within the world of Theatre, and games to break out of your shell. This class performs a recital dance in a Broadway style with music from a musical.


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