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2021 Recital Line Ups – View here


SATURDAY JUNE 19th AT 11:00 AM, 2:30 PM and 6:00 PM

  • Dancers in Friday Show Arrival Times:
      • Please arrive between 5:30-5:45 PM in your first costume with hair and makeup stage ready!
      • Please be sure your costumes are organized and neat, ready for your changes.
  • Dancers in Saturday Show Arrival Times:
    • Please arrive 1 hour before showtime in your first or only costume with hair and makeup stage ready!

  • Form one line in the lobby with your tickets ready.  We will be checking tickets and applying wristbands at this time.  Having your tickets ready will keep this process moving quickly!  Tickets can be printed or shown on your phone.
  • All Educational Dancers should report to the Balcony area when arriving to the theater and sit in the row for their first or only dance.  Dancers will be enjoying watching the show from the balcony at all times they are not lined up to go onstage.
  • Competition Dancers in Saturday shows – Teen and Elite Company please proceed to the downstairs dressing area with your costumes.  Junior and Teen/Senior dancers please proceed to the balcony with your costumes.
  • Dancers with quick changes of 3 dances or less should report backstage with those costumes to get set up in the quick change area.
  • 2021 Recital Line Ups
  • We ask that the audience remain seated throughout the performance. The show is being professionally videotaped, standing audience members will block the cameraman.
  • NO PHOTOGRAPHY or VIDEOTAPING during the recital as it is very distracting and dangerous to the dancers onstage. Due to contract regulations & copyright laws, videotaping on phones or any other device is NOT permitted at the Recital performances. 
  • Dismissal- Once the show concludes 1 parent may go up the staircase on the Left (facing the theater) form a line to go up to the balcony area, pick up their child and the proceed down the right staircase. Entrances will be monitored.  This will keep the flow of traffic moving!
  • Parents will not be permitted on the balcony during the show. Parents may ask to see their child at any time and their child will be brought to them in the upstairs mezzanine area.
  • 1 adult per dancer is permitted in the upstairs changing area if help is needed with their dancer’s costume change, after the dancer is dressed a volunteer will walk the dancer to their sit with their next class in the balcony. (Females only upstairs during the show, boys will be given their own changing area)
  • If your dancer has a quick change, 3 dances or less, they will be assisted by their teachers backstage in the quick change area.
  • We hope everyone can stay for the entire show.  Saturday shows are only expected to last about 1 ½ hours and we have a special bow planned to end our shows!  However if you need to leave early, you may sign your child out (dancers will not participate in the final bow).
  • Snacks, wine, beer and other concessions will be sold by the theater for parents.   We ask that dancers limit drinks to water to avoid any costume spills/stains!



  • Dancers who are onstage performing have the option to wear a black mask or remove their mask just prior to performing. We respect your families’ decision and want the dancers to do what your family is comfortable with.  We ask that you discuss this with your child prior to arriving at rehearsal/recital.  The dancers’ masks that are removed will be placed separately in a safe space that is sanitized between groups.  Dancers will then replace their mask prior to returning to their seats.  All other times off the stage, dancers must wear a mask.  
  • Vaccinated audience members have the option to wear a mask while seated or remove them.  Unvaccinated audience members should wear a mask.  


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