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Rehearsal Information:

The Historic Palace Theater – 2 EAST AVE, LOCKPORT, NY 14094

ALL EDUCATIONAL DANCERS …      See schedule to the right for your rehearsal block.

  • Each dancer is allowed 1 adult to accompany them to dress rehearsal.
  • All dancers should arrive in their first or only costume.  Hair should be dressed as noted on your costume info sheet with light stage makeup.
  • Please proceed immediately to the balcony to sit with your class.  We will have the seats labeled by class song name.
  • All dancers that have costume changes will change in the second floor mezzanine changing area, please bring your costumes to this area before rehearsal begins. Be sure your costume bag and items are labeled with your name.  Parents may go upstairs to assist with changes as needed, we will also have teachers and volunteers up there to help as we need to maintain limited capacity in this space.
  • We will present awards for 5, 10, 15 years of dance at the start of several rehearsals.
  • Please note that TAP SHOES may only be worn on the stage area.  Please send your dancer with alternate shoes and their tap shoes in a small bag.  Please be sure to label the bag and your dancer’s shoes with their name to prevent confusion.
  • Arrival Times: Please arrive 15 minutes before your rehearsal.  Please do not arrive very early as we have rehearsals in a row and cannot exceed capacity limits.
  • Only dancers and volunteers will be allowed in the balcony seating area to prevent congestion and confusion.
  • Parents may sit in designated areas of the floor seating area.  Please note that seating will be limited at rehearsal to allow the staff to move freely throughout the auditorium.  Videotaping is only permitted at the dress rehearsal from outside of the designated staff areas.
  • Dismissal- Dancers will be taken back to the balcony after they practice onstage.  Once a group is done, they will be dismissed to a parent in the front lobby.  Please pick your child up in the lobby at the staircase on the Right-hand side (as you face the stage). If they are in another dance, they will change their costume in the upstairs mezzanine area and then return to the backstage area for their next practice. To maintain limited capacity, we ask that you leave the theater once your child’s last dance rehearses.
  • Please clear all belongings from the dressing area after your child has finished changing.



  • Each dancer is allowed 1 adult to accompany them to dress rehearsal.
  • Please arrive at 6 PM.  We ask that you not arrive very early as we are running rehearsals back to back.
  • No Costumes.  Please wear a black leotard and black tights.  Prep Team wear tan tights.  Bring all shoes needed
  • Hair should be performance ready – middle part low bun.  Slicked back, secure and neat.  No wispies!
  • Please wear some makeup as we will be checking lighting cues.  Does not need to be full heavy stage makeup.
  • We will rehearse all class/group pieces.  A schedule will be emailed.  Dancers may leave after their last dance rehearses.



  • Dancers who are onstage performing have the option to wear a black mask or remove their mask just prior to performing. We respect your families’ decision and want the dancers to do what your family is comfortable with.  We ask that you discuss this with your child prior to arriving at rehearsal/recital.  The dancers’ masks that are removed will be placed separately in a safe space that is sanitized between groups.  Dancers will then replace their mask prior to returning to their seats.  All other times off the stage, dancers must wear a mask.  
  • Vaccinated audience members have the option to wear a mask while seated or remove them.  Unvaccinated audience members should wear a mask.  




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